Roddenberry comics, the website of Roddenberry Comunications (as in Gene Roddenberry, purveyor of “smart, meaningful, multimedia entertainment for people around the world”) has added not one but two weekly comics to their content line up : Rod & Barry, the comical adventures of two quite cliché-looking aliens, and Gene’s Journal, about a young boy with a penchant for science fiction.

Both comics do look and sound alike, which is no wonder because they are both created by David Reddick, a Paws inc. collaborator by day and freelance cartoonist extraordinaire by night.  Reddick previously did Trek Life for, about trekker fandom, and has recently also kickstarted a sword-and-sorcery spoof called Legend Of Bill, both of which are also very good fun.  Read all of his comics, and more at his website.

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