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Mickey rejects

The portraits by Lisa Carletta clearly show why these sorry specimens didn’t make the grade as a bonafide Mickey. (With thanks to Jourik – photo © Lisa Carletta, Mickey Mouse ® Walt Disney Corp)

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These speaker concepts were designed by Sherwood Forlee and do what their name says : the speak.  Or sing, for that matter. (via Freshome)

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Will It Blend ? This week : comics

Miguel Martins and Joana Lafuente’s cute and wonderful Loli Loves Venom takes referentiality to the next, rather dizzying level.

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Holy Snog, Batman !

Batman and Robin, as seen by Terry Richardson. (photo © Terry Richardson, I suppose, via

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Immonen goes McCay

Here are The origins of DC Super-Villains, as envisioned by Stuart Immonen in the early 1990’s.  As if Windsor McCay came back to life.  With thanks to CalamityJon. (via Drawn)

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A computer glossary

Some people can do everything.  Take Charles and Ray Eames.  They looked good, they created some of the greatest chairs in the world, and to top it off, they were masters at instructional animation.  As the video above (from 1968) … Continue reading

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Stripgids : Strokiesverhale

Deze column (Stripgids 10, juli 2008) was de laatste in de “reis rond de wereld”.

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