The Lost Ones

Steve Niles’ latest graphic novel, The Lost Ones, is the latest in a series projects in the Zune Arts initiative, set up by Zune in support of the arts.  For this project Niles collaborated with four very distinct graphic artists to create a story in four parts, each with their own specific tone, style and atmosphere. : cartoonist Gary Panter, painter and fashion designer  Kime Buzzelli, Dr. Revolt of the Rolling Thunder Writers (a historic graffiti group from New York), and Morning Breath, a Brooklyn-based art and design group.

The story of the book may not be that mind-blowing (group of friends finds its afternoon of fun interrupted by extreme danger), but the graphical execution turns it into a veritable trip.  I was particularly blown away by Gary Panter’s full-page spreads, and by the faux vintage comic feel that Morning Breath gave to their pages, combining old paper scans with story pages and randomly stenciled overlays.

The book is available online at the Zune site, and also for download as a pdf.  Notcot is currently holding a competition in which you can win a special paper version – so head there before Monday night).

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