Liefeld’s anatomy

In case you were wondering what Rob Liefeld‘s been up to lately, he’s been learning how to draw feet.  Now all he needs is a beginner’s course in female anatomy and a good storyline, and we’re off !

(art from the covers of Youngblood: Bloodsport, #1 and 2, © Rob Liefeld)

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4 Responses to Liefeld’s anatomy

  1. tickled says:

    I do believe he’s learned to draw feet, but I think he hasn’t gotten that left-foot/right-foot thing down yet. In the picture on the right, that left leg has a right foot.

    I pity that poor character’s mambo partner.

  2. dave g says:

    Feet, maybe, but look at how that leg on the left is angled, with the knee going one way and the foot facing the other way. That just looks really uncomfortable.

  3. Sleestak says:

    You sure he doesn’t have an intern drawing those feet?

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