Watchmen looks good

When I first saw the photos with the costumes from the new and highly expected Watchmen movie, it looked as if it was going to be Daredevil all over again, buffing out all nuance and motivation from the comic in favor of run-off-the-mill Hollywood fodder.

Yesterday the first trailer to the movie was released (as was covered all over the place), and I must say (as if it matters), it looks good.  The Doctor Manhattan scenes are very believable, the Owlship and the Comedian are true to the original, and Rorschach is simply awesome.  It would appear that even in the framing the filmmakers have tried to remain as faithful to the comic as possible.  The dark, gritty palette that they use turns out to be a very good choice over the newsprint colors that the comic used, as it conveys the same effect without looking flat and lacking.

I only hope that they will have tried to fit all elements from the book in the film, as it all plays a part.  I am a bit doubtful, however, about the treatment the Tales From The Black Freighter story will get, and how they will keep the ending believable (admittedly, the alien creature left something to be desired).

Two gripes, though.  Ozymandias is way too gay, even for a superhero who modelled his whole image on Alexander the Great.  Night Owl, on the other hand, looks like a Batman-when-wet, and is way too buff for a fortyish has-been.

But overall, it looks good.  I am quite interested in how the film will be received outside the fanboy crowd, though.

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