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The antidote for civilisation

This ad was published on the inside front cover of the 1992 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. the Conservation Crew Special (Archie comics).  I’m not really sure what to think of that tagline, though. There can be little doubt that … Continue reading

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About Charlotte

British cartoonist Nabiel Kanan has started a new comic serial on his website, called About Charlotte.  It’s too soon to actually say anything about the story (only one strip is available). I have high hopes, though – I have good … Continue reading

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Matena mural in Antwerp

My mom (link in Dutch) sent me this picture of a mural by cartoonist Dick Matena in Antwerp, featuring Laarmans and Van Schoonbeke, the main characters from Willem Elsschot‘s novella Kaas (Cheese). Earlier this year Matena published a comic version … Continue reading

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King Nemo

Marcus Parcus recently did a pretty eerie take on Windsor McKay’s Little Nemo, in which Nemo is not so little anymore and his adventures are destinctly more dreamlike (in the psychoanalitical sense).

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The Vanishing City

Exactly one year ago, the Giornale Nuovo blog reprinted the above comic page by Tiger Tateishi.  I had never heard of the guy or of this piece, but I am completely in awe. If you have any information about this … Continue reading

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Shock Shannon !

On Golden Age Comic Book Stories, Door Tree presents Shock Shannon, a discontinued newspaper strip by Basil Wolverton from the 1930’s.  Also check out the other samples of vintage Wolverton art that’s currently features on Door Tree’s blog.

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No sugar, still cute !

These cute cartoons abouit sugar-free cake were made by illustrator Ning Yang for a W&K Advertising campaign. (via Ads of the World – go there for larger versions)

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Vintage Vanity Fair caricatures

In the second half of the Nineteenth Century, Vanity Fair was one of the most popular magazines in Great-Britain.  It provided its readers with an overview of current affairs, but also with features that have since become standard for general … Continue reading

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How to make a Looney Tune

Cartoon Brew presents a promotional pamphlet in comic format from 1956, in which Warner Bros explains how an animated cartoon is made.  In this age of digital animation, this has the lovely smell of old paper and artisanality all over … Continue reading

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Hobbes !

Garen Ewing’s A-Z comic characters is almost halfway now, and it’s been one of the best comics-themed serials on the web in a long time. As a Eurocomics nut, I was very pleased that Gaston Lagaffe and Captain Haddock made … Continue reading

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