A matter of opinion ?

I got hold of a nice scan of Four Color Comics #1328 from 1962 recently.  Dell’s flagship series had been running for quite a few years by then, and the material had not won in gravitas and importance.  Most of the books were mere tie-ins to TV shows or films, such as “The Underwater City”.  Not a classic, that one, even if you call it that on the cover.

Anyway, I like these comics from a different era, because they represent a time (in my view) that was less dangerous, for children at least.  Or was it ?   Judging from the “modifications” on this page (probably the work of an overprotective and zealous parent), even in these safe comics, deprivation lurked…

Strangely, though, the pages on Greek mythology were left untouched…

(artwork © Dell Publishing, 1962)

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