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Eau de what ?!

Airports are alien territory to me.  When we went on holiday last july, I stood there like a caveman, marvelling at all the stuff happening around me, and simply stunned by some of the more stupid, smaller things.  Such as … Continue reading

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RIP Raymond Macherot

Raymond Macherot is dead.  He was the creator of the inimitable Chaminou et le Khrompire, one of my favourite comics of all time.   Read my piece about it on the Forbidden Planet blog, and enjoy this little hommage by Flore … Continue reading

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Stripdagen Houtem

Today and tomorrow, the Dutch city of Houtem is once again the host of the Stripdagen, as organised by the Dutch group of comics afficcionadoes, Het Stripshap.  The quite fab poster for this year’s edition was designed by none other … Continue reading

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Another comics ad !

This time it’s for Zebra Matches, and it showcases what you can do with them, besides lightning a fire.  I like them, even though they’re a bit on the boring side of racy (illustrator: Fernando Castro). (from Ads of the … Continue reading

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The glorious return of Terry Colon (on my radar) !

Some ten years ago I was a great fan of Terry Colon’s work for – I remember obsessively right-click-saved his cute-but-mean little drawings.  His Filler comics especially still are the epitome of what the Web was all about when … Continue reading

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The Owly-caster rocks !

Here’s an piece of ephemera if ever there was one.  Andy Runton, creator of the fantastic Owly (one of the favorites of the younger denizens of Sparehed Towers), just finished painting his own Owly Guitar, and what a piece of … Continue reading

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Tintin Notebooks

These notebooks are quite exquisite, and the picture has an air of eruditeness about it that I’m quite jealous of… (from jjtelecaster’s Flickr Photostream, Cigars Of The Pharaoh emblem © Moulinsart, I guess)

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The Vertigo Encyclopedia

Apparently, Dorling Kindersley have just compiled a Vertigo Encyclopedia in its series of DC-themed reference books.  Compared to the Batmobile Owner’s Manual, at least this theme has some depth and relevance to it, but judging from this interview with executive … Continue reading

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We need more fairy tales

These dire days call for fairy tales, of the sweet and scary kind.  Cory Godbey (below) and Justin Gerard (above) of Portland Studios come to the rescue, with elaborate illustrative work that speaks of imagination, enchantment and terror.  I’d love … Continue reading

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When heroes despair

I don’t care too much for the work of Anthony Lister, because it never seems to rise beyond the derivative.  It’s quite obvious that he has a very topical message of contemporary malaise, but the works themselves are too inconsequential … Continue reading

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