A diabolik car

If you’re not too tall, and you are interested in a nice-looking, exclusive car, why not try the Fiat 500 Diabolika, a customisation job by Studio Torino.

Using imagery from and referring to the classic Italian fumetto Diabolik, Alfredo Stola’s studio turned the sports version of Fiat’s classic 500 in a very cool little model, with a matte black finish, custom Pirelli tyres and Diabolik inignia and artwork on nearly all parts of the car, from the back seat to the gear stick to the ignition key and the ash tray.

Mind you, you’ll have to be quick, as the car’s production run is limited to 50 units.  The Diabolik version is designed and prepared by Studiotorino and Mycrom in collaboration with the publisher of Diabolik, Astorina and will be presented at the Paris Motor Show in October.

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  1. Ken Ford says:

    Yea..is it ok if I take few points from your blog and use it on my blog? Let me know your views..

  2. Volkswagen says:

    Pretty nice work.. Is it ok if I link back to this blog from my site? Pls let me know..

  3. Car Tyres says:

    If the car’s production run is limited to 50 units how does the factory manager cope with such a volume? Was just wondering… =)

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