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That was the Sponge that was (or wasn’t)

The genius that is Roger Langridge was spotlighted recently with his cover to the latest edition of Mother’s Four Feet From A Rat Comics, which showed London major Boris Johnson as a hard-hitting action hero battling Ken Livingstone.  Which, understandably, … Continue reading

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The grass is always greener…

Leave it to Stephen Weissman to bring some wisdom in even the smallest children’s cartoon (in Nick Magazine, August 2008).  Beautiful stuff. (Illustration © 2008, Viacom)

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Prince of Penny Arcade

For several years now, Penny Arcade has proven to be the most monomaniac web comic about videogames around.  Creators Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, better known as Gabe and Tycho, have now teamed up with the Ubisoft design team in … Continue reading

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Things !

You can be as jaded as you like 99 % of the time, sometimes you just have to let go and shout out your excitement.  And so : THINGS MAGAZINE LIKES US !!! Thank you.

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Please don’t, Mr Kochalka

We love you too much.  And a happy anniversary from our assorted ephemerists… (American Elf © James Kochalka)

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Donny Digits

Woodrow “Sugar Kat” Phoenix is back (from actually never having been away, come to think of it), with a regular feature (for the next nine weeks, at least) in the Guardian Family section.  Check your paper bin if you’ve thrown … Continue reading

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The Other Side

Frank sent me a link to this beatiful book by designer and illustrator Istvan Banyai, that you can browse in its entirety on Lookybook.  It reminded me a bit of Richard McGuire, or even Joost Swarte.

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Pharaoh’s Cigars tattoo redux

Ephemerist reader Petter Johanson was impressed by the tattoo I spotlighted almost exactly a year ago, featuring the symbol from the Tintin adventure The Pharaoh’s Cigars, but his own tattoo goes one step beyond.  He combined the Cigars symbol with … Continue reading

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Nascom invades NYC

Nascom, one of the more innovative digital agencies in my native Belgium, is coming to New York, and announces this in style.  You have been warned…

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Robots Don’t Know

Doc Pop is a self-professed “professional yo-yoer, cartoonist, musician, nerdcore rapper, tailor, crafster, and clothing designer living in San Francisco’s Mission District”, who is also very much into Web 2.0, it would seem.  For a 24 Hour Comic challenge at The Comic … Continue reading

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