Robots Don’t Know

Doc Pop is a self-professed “professional yo-yoer, cartoonist, musician, nerdcore rapper, tailor, crafster, and clothing designer living in San Francisco’s Mission District”, who is also very much into Web 2.0, it would seem.  For a 24 Hour Comic challenge at The Comic Outpost (which, incidentally, is one of the two only comic stores in the US that I’ve ever been to) he asked his Twitter friends for input.  The result is Robots don’t know anything about Twitter, a series of hilarious non-sequiturs about robots in popular culture, love, rap music and the internet.  

You can get your copy as a pdf-file (“viewable from iPhone”), a set of gifs or even as a set on Flickr.  Highly recommended !

(artwork © Doc Pop, 2008)

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  1. I am a self-professed asshole. You heard me! Doc Pop is an ASSHOLE!

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