Bash Magazine

I received a tick package the other day from our Glorious American Branch.  It was full of comics goodies, some of which you will probably see on the Ephemerist in the weeks to come.

The envelope also contained two issue of Bash Magazine, a new, free comics monthly featuring some of the best alternative and independent comics around.  It’s got Jesse Reklaw, Keith Knight and Jen Sorensen, but you’ll also find new and exciting work from Theo Ellsworth, Eamon Espey, Morgan Pielli and other young hopefuls who are currently storming the Bastille with extreme, unsettling storylines and/or totally new and different art styles.  And even if you don’t live in the Washington area (or where to late to grab a copy from the Take One bins), you can read most of the magazine online.  It will take a while, though, as the strips are only released one at a time, every two days.

My new favorite from this magazine, is Ken Cursoe’s Tiny Sepuku, which I didn’t know about before (to my shame) but has been running for more than 10 years now.  It’s a delightfully irreverent and topical advise comic that takes up where your average agony aunt (and the Knight Chronicles, for that matter) take off (and I promise this is the last election-related image I post).

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