Ever Ware

It’s not exactly the right time to go on a diet if you live around the Belgian city of Leuven.  Twelve restaurants have launched the second edition of LeuvenKookKunst.be.

From November 20 until May 20 (which, as it happens, is yours truly’s birthday) they invite you to come and enjoy a specially created culinary menu, finishing off, as is custom, with a nice cup of coffee.  Afterwards you are free to take home your Royal Boch cup and saucer, which were exclusively designed for this event by Flemish illustrator and designer Ever Meulen.

Ever created a total of six cups, each with their matching saucer, which are only available via the participating restaurants.  You’ll have to make the rounds if you want to complete your collection.  Like I said, it’s not the best time to try and lose some weight…

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