Warning ! No comic content !

Please, watch the video and send it on to any politician  you know.  Our lives are at stake.  More here :

We need strong leadership on climate change. Too many politicians are happy to speak about the issue, but their promises have often turned out to be just a load more hot air. One exception is the United Kingdom, where a climate law has just been adopted, which will force the government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions every year.

We need your help to ensure that other governments follow this example.

Raise your voice, shout it on the train or in the middle of the street, stand on your desk at work: ACT THE F*CK NOW!!!

The time for talking is over, it’s time for action!

Oh, and about that comics content – there is some after all : if you look carefully at the guy in the suit, you’ll see that he’s played by none other than Cowboy Henk creator Herr Seele…

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