Mr Coffee Nerves

Postum Ad

This ad from 1936 has officially become history : as of this year (about half a century after George got his wings) Kraft no longer produces Postum, the caffeine-free coffee replacement.

The art for this strip was provided by Paul Arthur, an alias used by Milton Caniff and Noel Sickles (according to Alex Toth).  There’s another ad after the click (nicked from eBay), for Baker’s Coconut mix this time, which is also credited to Arthur, and follows a very similar story line.

Pal Arthur 2

(thanks, Merlin)

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6 Responses to Mr Coffee Nerves

  1. jim kelsey says:

    after all these years, i assumed paul arthur was a real person, not an alias. but, whoever he actually was, he was admired by me. you see, back when i was a kid, i took a correspondence course in cartooning and mr. coffee nerves was included in one of the lessons; (as drawn by paul arthur.) i loved the style and wanted to draw just like that.

  2. Melody says:

    I have a bunch of Caniff/Sickles Postum ads in a book of early Terry and the Pirates strips. I love them, and I’m constatnly confusing people with references to Mr. Coffee-Nerves.

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