Lowbright, Derek Kirk Kim’s self-professed “Internet’s 2,587,346,987th Diary Comic”, is actually very original.  Instead of scanning his daily Moleskine pages, Kim simply takes photographs of his notebook on a desk that looks suspiciously like mine.

His tales are, naturally, autobiographical, and as such never earth-shattering, sometimes quite ordinary, but never bland or banal.  And Kim’s art is top-notch.

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  1. Lavern Merriweather says:

    Sorry in advance that this comment has nothing to do with this but I’m PISSED that Mr. Kim had the nerve of nerve to equate once again that b.s. about ‘if this were the blacks’ WHAT?!! I got news for that bleep bleep it’s NOT as if black people walked into a room full of white legislators,demanded respect, and had it handed to us on a silver fucking platter!! As for ‘if’ I guess he’s NEVER seen “Pinky” or “Cleopatra” or the Clint Eastwood movie where the person it was based on WAS a black man or ” A Mighty Heart”. Brown and black face STILL happens in Hollywood and I doubt HE would say anything about it I am not his momma nor is it the j-o-b of black people to ‘save’ every ethnic group out there that gets offended when WHITE PEOPLE do something insensitive to piss them off!! So he needs to back off!

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