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Erik De Graaf is a Dutch art director who started doing his own strips as an antidote for client-driven, deadline-littered jobs.  The subject of his first comics, which were published in 2003 and 2004, were his memories of his youth.  They excelled through Erik’s style, which takes the ligne claire to the max, and infuses it with elements from commercial art and children’s books.  The illustration above was lifted from these stories.

Recently, Erik has been working in a new project, called Scherven (Splinters).  Although this story will be based on his family history as well, and the experiences of his family members in the Second World War, it will be a fictionalised account.  This will allow Erik to broaden the themes of his story, and maintain a broader perspective.    Judging from the illustrations below, which set the mood for the book, it’s going to be another great work.  I can’t wait to see it.

Collages by Erik De Graaf

Collages by Erik De Graaf

For the moment, none of Erik’s works have been translated into English, save for a short story in the Drawn & Quarterly Showcase #2.

For more information on Erik’s projects, check out my interview with him at the Forbidden Planet Blog Log.

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