Happy New Year

2008 by Ever Meulen

Ever Meulen provided this year’s topical Christmas front page for the Belgian daily De Standaard, but even though there’s a manger in the centre of the picture, 2009 comes creeping in in the bottom right corner, and so I thought it was quite appropriate to make this my first post of the new year (which, incidentally is the Ephemerist‘s third in this format !)

In the special review edition of Knack Magazine, Kim Duchateau took a more topical approach (below).  You’ll doubtlessly recognize John McCain and Barrack Obama, Amy Winehouse having a fit, pirates on the African coast, and the Chinese Olympics, but there’s also a lot of local news, such as almost all our top athletes quitting, our banks imploding, a year without any government to speak of and a lot  more.

2008 by Kim Duchateau

(artwork © Ever Meulen and Kim Duchateau, respectively)

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2 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Cris Osea says:

    We filipinos love Barack Obama. we think that he would be the best president of the United States and that he always makes wise decisions when it comes to foreign policy.

  2. Mike Rhode says:

    Ooooh, nice Meulen!

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