Belgopocket goes Marque Jaune


One of the first posts I ever did for this blog in its current format, was about the illustrations Johan De Moor made for the Belgopocket in 2005, and how he used his father Bob De Moor’s character Balthazar in them.

It’s 2009 now, and the already infinitely labyrinthine Belgian administration has become even more intricate in the mean time, so it was time for a new edition.  The brochure structured in roughly the same way as the previous one, and the original illustrations were reused.  There is a new cover, though, lampooning that most famous of Belgian comic covers : the one to Blake and Mortimer’s adventure La Marque Jaune by Edgar P. Jacobs.

If you want the full monty on this, you can download the brochure in Dutch, French or German from the official Belgopocket website.

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