Belgian fries


There’s something you need to know about Belgians.  Just like Italians claim that the telephone was invented by an Italian, we just know that fries aren’t French, but Belgian.  The world may err, we know better. It’s the same thing with how to eat them.  You don’t drown them in ketchup, you eat them with your hands, from a paper bag, doused in mayonaise.  And preferably with some kind of deliciously processed meat on the side.

However, since the world won’t be taught, we stick to remembering ourselves of our great contribution to world’s quisine.  And so we ask Urbanus, famous comedian and co-creator of a best-selling comics series featuring himself, to create a plastic fork, which should help sophisticated fritoholics to eat their favorite food without getting their hands all greasy.

Urbanus, who is a trained graphic designer, provided the graphics for the fork himself, and, rather than emulating cartoonist Willy Linthout‘s version of his persona (Linthout being the illustrator of the Urbanus comics), he made a new version.  Which turns out to be more up to date with how he looks these days (he’s 60 this year) than the cartoon would let you believe

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