Save Chickenhare !

Chickenhare by Chris Grine

I just got an email from Chris Grine, the creator of the mega-tastic series Chickenhare, telling me that Dark Horse has officially passed on any more books in that series.  

Here’s what I wrote about the second book in the series in my Best of 2008 on Forbidden Planet : 

Fire In The Hole (Dark Horse) is Chris Grine’s second book about Chickenhare, the son of a chicken and, indeed, a hare.  In true fantasy fashion, it takes up the story where the previous one left off, and serves up a roller coaster featuring Shromphs, devils, a Rastafarian turtle, and a talking goat.  The action is very fast, the dialogue is totally irreverent and wickedly witty and Grine knows how to develop a back story while he’s telling his main tale.  This is the real New Bone, if ever there was need for one.

Now here is a book that is at once edgy and appropriate for all ages, and it gets canned !  A golden opportunity for all publishers who want to bring real good comics for kids.  Don’t let this pass !  Save Chickenhare !

(artwork © Chris Grine)

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