Save Chickenhare !

Chickenhare by Chris Grine

I just got an email from Chris Grine, the creator of the mega-tastic series Chickenhare, telling me that Dark Horse has officially passed on any more books in that series.  

Here’s what I wrote about the second book in the series in my Best of 2008 on Forbidden Planet

Fire In The Hole (Dark Horse) is Chris Grine’s second book about Chickenhare, the son of a chicken and, indeed, a hare.  In true fantasy fashion, it takes up the story where the previous one left off, and serves up a roller coaster featuring Shromphs, devils, a Rastafarian turtle, and a talking goat.  The action is very fast, the dialogue is totally irreverent and wickedly witty and Grine knows how to develop a back story while he’s telling his main tale.  This is the real New Bone, if ever there was need for one.

Now here is a book that is at once edgy and appropriate for all ages, and it gets canned !  A golden opportunity for all publishers who want to bring real good comics for kids.  Don’t let this pass !  Save Chickenhare !

(artwork © Chris Grine)

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