Gerben Valkema

Donald Duck by Gerben Valkema

The arrival of the new Donald Duck Weekly is a high point in my kids’ week.  This Dutch Disney magazine excels in bringing a consistent high-quality mix of imported and translated stories, together with homegrown work.  Story material doesn’t only involve the extended Duck family, but also “lesser” favorites, such as Bucky Bug, Brer Rabbit and Madam Mim.

The covers to the magazine are always gems, and it’s a pity that they so often go uncredited.  The cover above, the first of this year, was made by Dutch illustrator and cartoonist Gerben Valkema, and is a favorite, at least in our house.

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3 Responses to Gerben Valkema

  1. sparehed says:

    Ik denk het niet. Ik wil geen ruzie met mijn kinderen 😉

  2. bento says:

    leuk tijdschrift is het te koop?

    hg bento bosua

  3. bento says:

    ik wil het graag kopen ik bied €2,50

    hg bento bosua

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