Redemption for Eric Hanson

Fortress Bush by Eric Hanson

Eric Hanson is an illustrator who has worked for an impressive array of publications, and has quite recently started a blog showcasing his art.  It reminds me somehow of 60’s alternative editorial art, with a lot of Tommy Ungerer and the like.  There’s also some Brian Biggs in there, somewhere.  Which is always a good thing.

He is also the writer of A Book Of Ages, a compendium of what much more famous and inventive people than ourselves managed to accomplish on a certain age.  A sample chapter, covering the age of 24, got me completely depressed.  At 24, Brian Wilson had already completed Pet Sounds, Jasper Johns had painted his flag, and Dylan goes electric.  Luckily, Eric’s art is wonderful, which redeems him.

On the other hand, Pol Pot had only joined the French communist party at 24.  So there’s hope after all…

(artwork © Eric Hanson)

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