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Herge by Lucien De Roeck

This portrait of Tintin creator Hergé was drawn by Belgian illustrator, designer, typographer and cartoonist Lucien De Roeck in the early 80’s.

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Wondermark Live

Here’s Wondermark‘s David Malki showing how he created his 421st daily comic from old newspaper and magazine illustrations. You’d almost think, wouldn’t it be easier to just draw the damn thing ?

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Read the film

Mitch ‘Spacesick’ Ansara has been doing some very nice covers-that-could-have-been for 60’s novelisations of somewhat-good movies. I like the faux oldness.   (via James – thank you, James)

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Tintin Air

Tintin Air, as seen by the wonderful Mattias Adolfsson. Yes, all his art is that magnificently detailed. (Tintin ® and © Moulinsart, artwork © Mattias Adolfsson)

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What Am I Thinking ?

By Brian, from Shoebox.

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Peugeot goes all Goldberg, with a twist

French auto maker Peugeot wants you to only use genuine Peugeot products, lest your car may become unreliable.  For that purpose, they thought up some clever Goldberg machines, which somehow remind me of this, albeit with a twist. (from Frederik … Continue reading

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Redemption for Eric Hanson

Eric Hanson is an illustrator who has worked for an impressive array of publications, and has quite recently started a blog showcasing his art.  It reminds me somehow of 60’s alternative editorial art, with a lot of Tommy Ungerer and … Continue reading

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Standing on the shoulders of giants

The inimitable Van Reid pointed this one out to me.  Patrick McDonnell is known for the way he salutes cartoonists he respects and admires.  This Mutts Christmas strip from 2007, albeit wonderfully zen in its own right, turns out to be … Continue reading

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It’s The Eraser !

From Wanderingbert‘s excellent Batman Villains Project, it’s that most improbable, postmodern and simply silly villain ever, the Eraser.  Whooooo !

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Tony Hart passes away

  Joe announces the death of Tony Hart.  At first, the foto didn’t ring a bell, but then I read, “Viewers’ Gallery”, and I thought, Vision On ! This must have been the first programme I ever watched in English … Continue reading

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