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I Did It

Found this via Reddit.  No idea who did this, but i like it. update – it would seem that this is in fact the grand finale to Rich Johnston and Simon Rohrmuller’s Watchmensch, which is available here was in fact done … Continue reading

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Wir raumen auf !

German superheroes, you gotta love them (from The private collection of Hans Braun – via Martin Klasch)

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Be A Nose!

The Blue Barnhouse pointed me towards this quite neat trailer for Art Spiegelman’s new sketchbook collection, Be A Nose, which they describe as follows : Art Spiegelman, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Maus, creator of Wacky Packs and the Garbage … Continue reading

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Waiting page

Comic blogger supreme Boulet has created the waiting page for the soon-to-be blog by popular French children’s comics magazine Tcho! And since this cartoon will probably vanish as soon as the blog is live (as waiting pages tend to do), … Continue reading

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An apology

Hiya all – Just dropping you all a quick note to apologize for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks.  I’m currently going through a bit of a lack-of-time spot. I promise that I’ll try to at least … Continue reading

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His own words

I love it when Bizarro goes all self-referential…

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Minimal comic art

Oh, I like this.  This is another example of Mitch ‘Spacesick’ Ansara‘s genius – with a minimal amount of text and imagery, he manages to create a full-fledged story.  It does remind me a bit of the concrete poetry that … Continue reading

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Even more superheroes

If you need to create a sense of power, just add tights and a cape, even when it’s about fast food.  Editorial illustration work by Sasan Saidi. (via the Little Chimp Society illustration portal)

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Where it gets you

Ads of the World is running quite a few comics-themed ads these days.  This naughty one for a dance school is by Diamond Ogilvy in Seoul, Korea.  Illustrations are by Kyungseop Shin. It’s kinda strange that you don’t see this kind of how-to … Continue reading

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Heroes Wear Capes

Another example of the Superhero cliche being used in advertising.  This time it’s a PSA against obesity with children. (from Ads Of The World, which also has other examples featuring Barbie and Playmobil dolls)

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