Be A Nose!

The Blue Barnhouse pointed me towards this quite neat trailer for Art Spiegelman’s new sketchbook collection, Be A Nose, which they describe as follows :

Art Spiegelman, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Maus, creator of Wacky Packs and the Garbage Pail Kids, and father of the modern graphic novel (though he’s still demanding a blood test), presents this warts-and-all reproduction of his private sketchbooks — and the results are as candid, sharp, and funny as the relentlessly innovative man behind them. BE A NOSE! is a rare glimpse into the secret scribblings of an American original.

The book will be available starting march 1st in boosktores, or over at McSweeney’s.

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  3. Be A Nose! | The Ephemerist great article very nice!

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