I Did It


Found this via Reddit.  No idea who did this, but i like it.

update – it would seem that this is in fact the grand finale to Rich Johnston and Simon Rohrmuller’s Watchmensch, which is available here was in fact done by an artist named Animoose.

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53 Responses to I Did It

  1. zippomage@gmail.com says:

    Not that I question your right to dislike work based on your own, but what exactly was so horrible about the movie.

    Unless you mean the altered ending. Then I’m totally with you.

  2. Annie Maus says:

    The artist also has a livejournal which might be better for finding his art alone.

  3. Alfred Nonamus says:

    It’s not from Watchmench, it’s by this artist:


    Johnston wishes he was this clever.

  4. Rob Spalding says:

    I think that’s from Watchmensh, Rich Johnston’s take off of Watchmen. He’s the guy who does Lying In the Gutters

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