I Did It


Found this via Reddit.  No idea who did this, but i like it.

update – it would seem that this is in fact the grand finale to Rich Johnston and Simon Rohrmuller’s Watchmensch, which is available here was in fact done by an artist named Animoose.

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  6. Rob Spalding says:

    I think that’s from Watchmensh, Rich Johnston’s take off of Watchmen. He’s the guy who does Lying In the Gutters

  7. Alfred Nonamus says:

    It’s not from Watchmench, it’s by this artist:


    Johnston wishes he was this clever.

  8. Annie Maus says:

    The artist also has a livejournal which might be better for finding his art alone.

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  10. zippomage@gmail.com says:

    Not that I question your right to dislike work based on your own, but what exactly was so horrible about the movie.

    Unless you mean the altered ending. Then I’m totally with you.

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