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Bart Simpson loves Tintin

Big news in the Belgian daily De Standaard : everybody’s favorite all-american disfunctional youngster Bart Simpson turns out to be a Tintin fan.  In the episode In the name of the grandfather, the Simpson family takes a trip through Europe, … Continue reading

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Hot day in hell

It’s been a while since I posted cartoony ads as spotlighted on Ads of the World, but this one is quite nice.  From Brazil, with art by Adriano Marcusso. (click through for full size)

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Gibbons Draws Rorschach

Again, one of those peeks into the creative process of a cartoonist.  This time it’s Dave Gibbons painting Watchmen‘s maverick vigilante, Rorschach. (via Tor)

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Bechdel reviews Vandenburgh

For March 26 issue of the New York Times, Alison Bechdel, author of Fun House (which, to be completely honest, left me speechless), reviewed the book, A Pocket History of Sex in the Twentieth Century by Jane Vandenburgh. As an occasional reviewer myself, … Continue reading

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Lolcats go forth

Adam Koford’s Laughing-Out-Loud Cats, never shying away from formalistic hijinx, really broke the fourth wall this time.  Can I haz Pirandello ? (cartoon © Adam Koford)

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Big Numbers 3

Much like Bill Sienkiewicz’s Stray Toasters, David Mazzucchelli‘s Rubber Blanket and Dave McKean’s Cages, Alan Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz’s Big Numbers is a comic of almost epic proportions.  The fact that the book was axed after only two issues, with … Continue reading

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McManus Rug

A nice big rug with a Geo. McManus design.  And that’s all I know about it 😉

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