That yellow whiny bastard


It’s been a while since Frank Miller’s signature style was parodied, but here’s a beauty : That Yellow-Shirted So-And-So by Timothy Lim and Jean Luc Pham, mixing Peanuts with Sin City.  Yes, the doctor is in.

(From Cinematical)

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4 Responses to That yellow whiny bastard

  1. Lena Jackson says:

    LOVE IT! That’s a dead-on parody of Frank Miller’s dark style of storytelling and drawing. It makes me wanna’ re-read my ‘Sin City” collection…as for re-reading any old ‘Peanuts’ strips; um…not so much.

  2. Bengo says:

    A friend tried to get me to red “Sin City” for years. *That’s* what it looks like? (Only not Peanuts, any idiot knows it’s Dagwood Bumstead.)

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