Alison Bechdel on creating Fun Home

MiNDTV35 presents this short video in which Alison Bechdel explains how she went about when writing and later drawing her (quite amazing) autobiographical graphic novel Fun Home.

Getting a glimpse of the creative process of a writer or a cartoonist is always very exciting,  and hearing how she uses Illustrator and Google Image Search when outlining and documenting one single panel in the book is indeed awe-inspiring.  It’s the kind of panel you glimpse over when reading the book, and you never realise how much actual work goes into it.

(via Mike Lynch)

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8 Responses to Alison Bechdel on creating Fun Home

  1. RP says:

    Thanks SO much for this. I start teaching “Fun Home” in another week, and am always happy to stumble on resources like this.


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