Later in life


Again, a gem that came to me via a variety of bookmarking networks (popurls, digg, what have you).  I haven’t got the faintest clue who did this, but I think it is quite profound.  And together with this, it’s quite a case of synchronicity…

Update : this is turning into a real meme (attention – slightly more NSFW).  Move over, Garfield

If anybody has any clues as to who is the author of this strip, please let me know.

Update : The artist turns out to be someone called Bob-RZ.

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4 Responses to Later in life

  1. I recognize the art style. Here’s the artist’s deviantArt page:

  2. Nol says:

    Make more SEXY Calvin and Hobbes spoofs!
    YOW WOW!

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