He’s a journalist, still.

Tintin reporter (c) Milo; Tintin (c) Moulinsart

Even now, eighty years since he started off as an undercover reporter (and although he didn’t do that much reporting since), Tintin keeps turning up in illustrations and topical cartoons when the subject is even remotely related to journalism.  The Dutch weekly De Nieuwe Amsterdammer recently did a special on the state of journalism in this age of embedding, spin and dwindling sales figures.  

Cartoonist Milo provided a few of the illustrations, including the one above, for an article about the impact of commercial pressure, professional lobbying and the opinion circus on truthful and objective journalism.  Tintin as a modern-day Pinocchio, against his better knowledge.

(artwork © Milo, Tintin © Moulinsart, with thanks to my mom, who also has a larger version of this cartoon)

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