Bart Simpson loves Tintin

Bart Simpson reads Tintin

Big news in the Belgian daily De Standaard : everybody’s favorite all-american disfunctional youngster Bart Simpson turns out to be a Tintin fan.  In the episode In the name of the grandfather, the Simpson family takes a trip through Europe, and is greatly impressed by the beauty of Ireland.  “It’s whole lot prettier than Belgium”, Bart says.  His mother, Marge berates him: ‘If you hate Belgium so much, then I might as well take away your Tintin albums. ” Bart looks terrified and clings his copy of  The crab with the golden claws to his chest.   Neat !

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  1. Joe says:

    Heh, yeah, I just saw this one a few days ago on TV here, made me giggle too, although I’d have figured Lisa more for reading Tintin and Asterix and the like than Bart

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