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Joe DiMaggio smokes Camels

This ad for Camel cigarettes (which killed you 28% slower !) ran in US newspapers in 1942. (thanks to the inimitable Merlin Haas for this scan)

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Paul Grist goes Cosmic

Paul Grist has published some pages from his upcoming Big Cosmic Comic on Facebook.  And you can even see them if you’re not friends with him.  Yay !

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Action doodling

GapingVoid‘s Hugh MacLeod has finished his Desert Manhattan project, with which he took his doodling art style to the next level.  Instead of using the back of business cards like he normally does, he went and filled a whole canvas … Continue reading

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The famous ArtParis art show closes shop today.  For the first time, comics art was included in the show, and French daily Le Figaro did a video report on that occasion.  More here. (Thanks to my mom, again)

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Go ahead, (don’t) smoke

Here’s a cartoon from 1961 (a Paramount Modern Madcap, no less) about the dangers of smoking.  Sometimes even 50 years can’t turn bad animation into classic gems.  Not all lumps of coal turn into diamonds with time.  But it’s cute … Continue reading

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He’s a journalist, still.

Even now, eighty years since he started off as an undercover reporter (and although he didn’t do that much reporting since), Tintin keeps turning up in illustrations and topical cartoons when the subject is even remotely related to journalism.  The … Continue reading

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Robert Crumb’s boxers

The Guardian presents a slideshow of celebrity undergarments, more or less expertly decorated for the owners and offered in a charity auction on Ebay from 8 pm today onwards. Next to the original John Major pant by cartoonist Steve Bell, … Continue reading

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Tomine blogs

The most recent recruit of the ever-expanding legion of blogging cartoonists is none other than Adrian Tomine.  For a few weeks now he’s been keeping us up to date of his many projects, including illustration jobs like the one above, … Continue reading

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Adventures In Cartooning

PW Comics Weekly previews Adventures in Cartooning, an instruction book/story book for younger readers (due in April from :01) by James Sturm, Alexis Frederick-Frost and Andrew Arnold. Quite sweet, from the looks of it. (via Laura Hudson’s Myriad Issues)

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McCloud a la Belge

Coiffeur Pour Dames, the Belgian cartoon and graphic design collective that was responsible for the El Rios pages in Le Soir last summer, has struck again.  They have hijacked the most recent issue of the all media magazine Vif Focus, … Continue reading

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