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Comic phone

Retro Thing presents an late 1990’s Sony telephone set, which is supposed to be “comic styled”. Note to self : when talking to “normal” people, “comic styled” basically means, “with gaudy lettering, primary colors, Liehtensteinesque dots and Comic Sans”…

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Daily Life

I haven’t been to school for more than 20 years now, but I can still relate to the sheer boredom and repetitiveness of life then.  Also, the expressions on the faces in this cartoon are quite vivid.

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If you’re in Brussels…

You may want to pass by Seed Factory (19, Avenue des Volontaires – 1150 Bruxelles) for Bibendum & Co, an exhibition that David Merveille and a few of his mates are putting up with new designs, illustrations and artwork featuring … Continue reading

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Pope Does Spock + a rant

Together with K/O, comics maverick Paul Pope created When Worlds Collide, a nice tie-in for the upcoming Star Trek movie for Wired Magazine, featuring Spock reflecting on his life as a half-human, half-vulcan.  It’s a very nice little comic that … Continue reading

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The history of beer

It’s always fun to discover new stuff by your favorite illustrators in places where you wouldn’t expect them.   Together with the people at 600series/infoshots, Dan Zettwoch has been doing some infographics on manly issues for the Manolith website.  Their most … Continue reading

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Prince Valium

Prince Valium is on of the Phony Pages, a series of hilarious spoofs and satires on classi comics and strips,that Eisner Award winning cartoonist Terry Beatty used to do for the Buyer’s Guide for Comics Fandom. In 1986, Renegade Press … Continue reading

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The Fall Of Spider-Man

In his strip, La Chute de Spider-Man, French comic blogger RaphaelB uses a quite cool scrolling effect that makes you scroll down faster and faster.  Also, by not using panel borders, the distinction between the different stages in the scene … Continue reading

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Another beautiful animated clip, this time by James Jarvis and Richard Kenworthy for Nike.  I’m not turning this into a video blog, but when it’s good, it’s good. (via Smelly Cat)

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The Beautiful Word

I like Scrabble.  And I absolutely love this animated short, made by Ogilvy as part of a new promotion campaign for the best word game in the world. (via Viral Monitor – don’t forget to visit the short’s Youtube page, … Continue reading

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Lazy Twins

She pulled a what ? (via Vintage_ads)

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