Comic Sans


After  a profile of its creator Vincent Connare in the Wall Street Journal, and Heidi McDonald linking to it (making the story spread like wildfire across the blogosphere), the much reviled Microsoft font, Comic Sans is finally judged by that guru of comic book typography, Todd Klein.  As you would expect, Todd goes about his business with much care, but can’t help but conclude :

Comic Sans fails on every level, and I think deserves the scorn it’s gotten. Only the fact that it comes with so many Microsoft products, making it easy for the design deaf to turn to, has kept it prevalent. Computer users beware, Comic Sans is nothing more than a way to label yourself clueless about comics, fonts, and good design.

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3 Responses to Comic Sans

  1. Rebecca says:

    When I was doing a worksheet about my artwork for students at a high school, I was told by the teacher to write it using comic sans. The reason being, they said, was because it was the easiest kind of type to read.

    I have no idea if this is really true.

  2. Fernand says:

    Comic Sans is cool…

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