Matt Madden Monday In May 3


This, the third of our weekly Matt Madden specials is a bit of a treat.  Since it’s my birthday later this week, I thought it’d be nice to present you with some rare minicomics that Matt did with a few partners in crime, way back in 1994.

Folding instructions are available here.  Be warned though, this is a younger, and angrier Matt than you’d except from 99 Ways To Tell A Story.  May be deemed NSFW…



(all strips © 1994, their respective creators)

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2 Responses to Matt Madden Monday In May 3

  1. sparehed says:

    Hi Matt –

    Thanks for your reply, and for the extra info. Well, they are interesting, imho, if only for “historical” reasons.

  2. Matt Madden says:

    Happy birthday Wim!

    Boy, these are doozies aren’t they? The less said about them the better I suppose but just to give the background, Tom King and Walt Holcombe started doing these around the time I moved to Austin. we would hang out and drink and draw once a week. And we weren’t angry, just bored and having a laugh.I talked a bit about these in my TCJ interview I think.

    I drew “the altruist” and the cover of “Anything for a Laugh”

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