Double Suicide

This is why I hate/like things like Digg, PopUrls or the like : quite often you come across fantastic stuff, but there’s no way to find out who created it, and if there’s more.  Which the case here.

This great piece was created by Costarican cartoonist Alan Cedeno.  I like the way it combines sadness and humor.  You can’t react to it in an unmuddled way, Ifeel.

I found out how to track down where this image originated by using the TinEye search engine.  It would seem this image has made its rounds on the net, but I was finally able to identify Alan as the creator via a DeviantArt page that listed it as one of the owner’s favourites.

Thanks, G. Bergmann, for the TinEye tip.

(artwork © Alan Cedeno)

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11 Responses to Double Suicide

  1. g.bergmann says:

    TinEye is a reverse image search engine that gives you the possibility of…well, sometimes finding the ‘source’

    btw, read you every day, since…a year ? no, longer 🙂


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