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2 pictures = story

This campaign by Jung von Matt for the 13th Street thriller TV channel, is a good illustration of Scott McCloud’s idea that one image sets a scene, whereas two images tell a story. (via Ads Of The World)

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Stay in character !

Shamus Young‘s webcomic DM Of The Rings is a hilarious retelling of the Lord Of The Rings saga as a Dungeons & Dragons quest.  Quite recognisable – I felt I was 20 years in the past again (Cartoon © Shamus … Continue reading

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More pixels, topical even

Earlier this week I blogged about my colleague Kistof‘s wicked pixel skills, and rest assured – there’s more.  Here’s his quite topical tribute to Michael Jackson.  I like the way the shoes remain the same. (artwork © Kristof Saelen)

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Super Sonic

The Super Sonics is an online comic-with-sound that Saatchi & Saatchi Denmark created in August 2008 for the Danish sound production studio Supersonic.  Starting from a plot developed by Supersonic’s creatives themselves, and meant to showcase all the aspects of … Continue reading

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Rolemodel comic

During the war, Camels cigarettes were promoted by women heroes (even though they’re supposed to be Army men’s cigarettes).  After the war though, sports stars would do just nicely.  But the national surveys maintained… (via Leif Peng)

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Les petits riens

Comix pouf presents a nice poke at the parrain of autobio BD’s habit of whining about each and every aspect of his life. (translation : “Ha !  And afterwards I’ll even be able to make it into a book”)

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Pixel Tintin

Where I work, pixel avatars for all employees feature quite prominently in all corporate communication.  And since one of my colleagues seems to look a lot like Tintin (and has a similar sounding name as well), our pixel wizard made … Continue reading

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The St. Louis Refugee Ship Blues

In the Washington Post, Art Spiegelman recounts the shameful story of 900 Jewish refugees who were denied entry into the US in 1942 and were forced to sail back to Europe, and certain death. It’s a gripping tale, especially thanks … Continue reading

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Post-war Domination

I’m not sure what modern-day educators would think of this, but a dog collar around your ankle, a fur choker and a novelty fly-swatter ?  May raise an eyebrow or two… (from Hi-School Romance #27, provided by Uh… Bob, via … Continue reading

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Today’s Bizarro

Once more, Piraro says it all.  Or not, depending how deep you delve into it. (cartoon © Dan Piraro)

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