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Grass is dumb

Grass is dumb, but at least it is able to speak in this ambient campaign for Denver Water by Sukle Advertising & Design. (via Ads of the World, naturally)

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Tintin in the Metro

It would seem that somebody went and photographed each and every character on the Tintin mural in Brussels Stockel metro station.  So you don’t have to go (although you still should…).

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Calvin & Hobbes sushi

Anna The Red makes food and other stuff looks nice !  This sushi doesn’t contain tuna because Hobbes ate it all, as tigers would. (thanks, Gene)

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Doc Pop interviews Harvey Pekar

In 2004, San Fransisco professional yo-yoer, cartoonist, musician, nerdcore rapper, tailor, crafster, and clothing designer, Doc Pop interviewed celebrated comic writer and grandfather of the autiobio comic, Harvey Pekar.  Doc wrote and penciled a strip based on the interview, and … Continue reading

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Don’t watch the watchmen

“Everybody should have read the book” – wonderful piece of satire.  They even got the accents right. (via Chris Roberson)

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When giants meet

A few months ago, Belgium celebrated the opening of two museums dedicated to the work of two of its most important, or at least most iconic, artists : René Magritte and Hergé.  And that proved a good opportunity for Focus … Continue reading

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Green Or Mean

Dark Horse goes green for this year’s San Diego Comic Con.  Or do they?  Let’s examine this a bit closer : You’re replacing disposable plastic bags with durable bags – made of what, exactly ?  Plastic equals pollution – if … Continue reading

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Superman strip in USA Today

If you’re not that keen on spending your hard-earned cash on Wednesday Comics, DC‘s newest shot at “doing something that looks like something old that’s considered cool so that we look cool too”, you can follow one of that book’s … Continue reading

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New online comics by Dylan Horrocks

Since he started running his comics in online format on his Hicksville Comics blog, Dylan Horrocks has been a busy bee.  On Monday, he pointed us towards The Journey, a 16 page pdf comic he created for Waitakere City Council, … Continue reading

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Washroom Wisdom

These posters from the Marvel offices make you wonder about the aim of the bullpen dwellers, even when they’re not rehashing the same story over and over. (spotted by Tom Brevoort)

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