Green Or Mean


Dark Horse goes green for this year’s San Diego Comic Con.  Or do they?  Let’s examine this a bit closer :

  1. You’re replacing disposable plastic bags with durable bags – made of what, exactly ?  Plastic equals pollution – if not now, then later.  Why not use real sustainable materials, like hemp ?  Or better, suggest people to bring their own backpacks ?
  2. There’s back issues on Myspace and Star Wars on my iPhone – OK, fair enough, so you don’t use any paper to publish these stories.  But are you actually saving any resources here ?  Would you have reprinted these back issues otherwise ?  And won’t the Star Wars books you sell for iPhone use be printed later on ?  After all, bits are nothing more than a marketing tool for atoms.
  3. And finally, you claim it’s OK for you to use “virgin paper” because your books will be cherished for years to come.  Sorry, Dark Horse, but that must be the worst spin I’ve read in years.

It’s a damn shame that bona fide ecological icon Concrete is used in this promo.

(from The Beat, which also gives Dark Horse’s complete schedule for the Con)

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