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The Young feed on the old

Although I’m a great fan of the Covered Project, I didn’t care much for the way James Newell re-engineered Jacques Tardi’s classic cover to Métal Hurlant # 9, pictured above.  Those who know me, will know why… (artwork © Jacques … Continue reading

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Comics + Chocolate = Mmmm

This must be the best comics-related merchandising I’ve seen in months : Paul-themed chocolate, with artwork by Michel Rabagliati.  In three flavours, no less ! (via Drawn & Quarterly)

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Superman wears glasses

I’m not sure if this is totally in agreement with any Superman canon, but the message stands ! (by La Selección from Argentina, with artwork by Juan Pablo Zaramella, via Ads Of The World)

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Real Life Charlie Brown

Tim O’Brien takes Pixeloo‘s Untooned series one step further and presents this real life Charlie Brown.  And he is scary. (artwork © Tim O’Brien, with thanks to Koen)

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Strong as Popeye

It’s been a while since I last saw Popeye the Sailor as metaphor for strength and sturdiness, but here he is again.  This ad for the Iveco EcoDaily was created by Leo Burnett of Turin, Italy. (from Ads of The … Continue reading

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Thinking with the box

Les Histoires Du Cadre by French cartoonist Djou is nothing short but La Linea with a vengeance.  And that says a lot.  Collections of Djou’s comics are still for sale, but stock is running out fast ! (cartoon © Djou)

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T is for…

Neill Cameron is slowly but surely rounding up his pop culture ABC with a very serene and quite beautiful scene, in which the mainstays of Franco-Belgian and British pop meet up. (artwork © Neill Cameron; Tintin © Moulinsart; Doctor Who … Continue reading

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Persepolis 2.0

The current situation in Iran prompted Payman & Sina to update Marjane Satrapi‘s Persepolis via the very old technique of cut, past and modify (see also here – scroll down).  The result, the 14 page Persepolis 2.0, can be read … Continue reading

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Baldo warns about diabetes

Syndicated comic Baldo, created by Hector Cantú and Carlos Castellanos, is joining a campaign to raise awareness for the dangers of diabetes. In a series of comic strips that began yesterday Baldo learns that his father has diabetes. Baldo, who … Continue reading

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Nuclear Meltdown

Greenpeace and the Muria Institute have created a comic book to warn the Indonesian people of the dangers of nuclear power.  The book, called Nuclear Meltdown, A Message of Darkness tells of two teenagers who are zapped into the future, … Continue reading

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