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Just about when the first xkcd book was announced, one of Randall Munroe’s cartoons appeared on the cover of the third edition of Law And The Internet.  So far, no information is available on whether this is correctly licenced use, though…

Update : As publisher Richard Hart explains in the note below, Randall Munroe granted permission for the use of his cartoon on the cover of the book in question.  I had only done a very limited search on the title, and not found the book’s impressum. My apologies if I seemed to insinuate that any infringement was at play here.

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  1. Richard Hart says:

    Hello – Richard Hart, publisher of Law and the Internet here. You say,”So far, no information is available on whether this is correctly licenced use, though…”. Please check your facts before speculating whether there has been a copyright infringement. As a publisher I don’t much enjoy having this sort of insinuation cast casually in my direction. Permission was sought from Randall Munroe, and he granted it (nice man), and this is stated clearly, in black and white, on the book itself. So when you say “no information is available” what you really mean is that you have no idea, and haven’t looked. In which case, is it such a good idea to speculate idly about whether an infringement has occurred? Apologies for sounding spikey, but we’re the type of publisher which respects copyright.

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