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Randall for

Het Besloten Land, only the best comics store in Belgium, just launched its new website.  This time, Flemish cartoonist and knowitall Randall.C provided the illustrations.  And they look pretty !

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With Halloween just around the corner, it’s only fitting that The New Yorker magazine included a strip by Chris Ware on the subject of hiding, masks and disguises in its annual Cartoon Issue.  You can read the whole four-page piece … Continue reading

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Googlix !

Today everybody celebrated the 50th anniversary of the famed French comic star Astérix, and even Google joined in the fun.

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Instead of ketchup

Indeed, in Holland, they drown their fries in mayonnaise – see the soundbite below. But apparently they’re also keen on different condiments, as this cover by Luc Cromheecke for a future issue of the Dutch comic magazine Eppo illustrates.

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Van der Veken for The New Yorker

Flemish illustrator Jan Van Der Veken will be doing the cover to the January 11, 2010 issue of The New Yorker.  Last week he announced on his Facebook page that his design had been approved, but this morning Flemish comics … Continue reading

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Burns for Brooklyn Festival

Charles Burns created this illustration for this year’s edition of the biannual Brooklyn Comics And Graphics Festival.  I like the realistic Nancy and Tintin ! (via The Beat)

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Adidas Comics

In order to promote its soccer gear, German sportswear manufacturer Adidas has published three online comics on its website, featuring three of its star players (Emmanuel Adebayor, Steven Gerrard, and Ricardo Kaka).  The comics feature artwork by Jae Lee, JG … Continue reading

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Ford for Adventure !

Continuing the theme of 60’s adventure comics in advertisments, this campaign by Ogilvy, London for Ford tries to shift the focus with regard to SUV’s back to adventure and fun.  Your dad’s 4X4, instead of a gas-guzzling example of a-social … Continue reading

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Old-fashioned quality

I like the way these ads for the Star Café (by Chi&Partners London) use cartoon-like artwork (by Alayna Cazalet) to call up an atmosphere of old-fashioned quality.  Check out Ads of the World for some more examples from this campaign.

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Tor presents Fahrenheit 451

If you hurry, you’ll just make the last episode of Tim Hamilton’s graphic novel adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, as published by Hill & Wang, which has been running all month.  It sure is worth it. (illustration © … Continue reading

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