Panic Man !


Yeti is a monthly magazine for kids, published by the Flemish Government’s Department of Education.  It typically features tips on school life, combined with jokes and general zaniness.  The magazine regularly features illustrations and strips by Flemish cartoonists Nix, Kim Duchateau and Bart Schoofs.

Nix recently came up with the character Paniekman (Panic Man) as the main vehicle for an urgent advise column, in which real school problems are handled in a humorous and also quite often absurdist fashion.  For the november 2009 issue of the magazine, Kim Nix created this cover image, which clearly shows he knows his classics (even though most of the mag’s audience will probably not get the reference).

If you like, you can read the whole issue (and all previous ones) online.

(© 2008 Vlaams Ministerie van onderwijs en vorming)

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