Hellboy Online Slot Machine

I only have two possible explanations for this.  Either Mike Mignola and/or Dark Horse desparately needed a second jacuzzi on the porch of their third house, or some deluded marketing maven thought it would be a good idea to promote an online gambling machine with a character from hell…

More on this abomination on the Vegas Partner Lounge website.  But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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3 Responses to Hellboy Online Slot Machine

  1. Mark Huth says:

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  2. Hey Dude!

    I can only argee with you, I love to play slot machines but come’on who came up with the idea to “rape” the good marvel characters names for slot machines.

    As I said personaly i love to play slot machine and that kind og games. But I’m also a big Marvel fan so I will never spend my money on one of these machines.

    Kind Regards
    Michael Jensen

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