New Schuiten work

Belgian cartoonist and illustrator François Schuiten has been quite productive lately.  On January 18th, the Belgian Post Office issued a commemorative stamp on information theorist Paul Otlet (the man who wanted to classify the world, and one of the founding fathers of information and classification theory), which was designed by Schuiten (above).

Meanwhile, on February 12-20, the animation festival Anima 2010 will be held in the famous Flagey building in Brussels.  For this event, too, Schuiten provided the illustration which features the characteristic Flagey broadcasting tower (below).

Both designs are quintessentially Schuiten, in that they each feature enormous structures of knowledge and architecture, two recurring themes from Schuiten’s and writer Benoit Peeters’ graphic novels.

(illustration © De Post; François Schuiten/Folioscope)

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