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Comics are sweet in Lille

The city of Lille, in the North of France, seems to be known for its pastries, chocolate and generally all things sweet.  They even make chocolate masks of your favorite comic characters.  And there not that expensive, either.

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Richard Scary

Martin Klasch just started a new Flickr set, in which he combines classic Richard Scarry drawings with rather less child-friendly elementes.  Hence Richard Scary.  Awesome !

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Superman letterhead

Talk about ephemera : Letterheady unearthed this beautiful piece of stationary for a Superman-themed exhibit at Macy’s.  I do like the vintage “S” symbol.

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New Tintin movie ?

“Next !” Even though the eagerly awaited Tintin movie is still in post-production, and no final footage (or even still photography) has been made available so far, Flemish media were abuzz last week with news that director Steven Spielberg was … Continue reading

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Stan and Schroeder Jam

I knew Stan Getz had style, but this album cover from 1978 kind of suprised me. (Peanuts © United Feature Syndicate, Inc.)

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Batman generator

You’ve probably seen the “My parents are deaaad” image popping up all over the interwebs.  Now you can easily create your own stupid, zany or disturbing Batman and Robin dialogues with the Batman Comic Generator.  Neat. (Thanks to Eclecticbox – … Continue reading

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Buck Rogers Underground

While I was in New York last week, I somehow managed to miss this Buck Rogers themed mural in the subway. (thanks to Mark, whom I managed to miss as well)

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Darwyn Cooke Does Monsters

Atom style genius Darwyn Cooke provided the box art for the Criterion Collection box set, Monsters And Madmen, featuring the classic films The Atomic Submarine, Corridors of Blood, First Man into Space, and The Haunted Strangler. Cooke also did the … Continue reading

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Marvel rap

DJ Coolbreeze did this unofficial mixtape featuring music by Canadian actor and rapper Drake.   Should be around on the net if you’re interested.

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Mr. Super-men

I love the Mr. Men !  And I love superheroes !  Than how can I not love the Super Mr. Men that Steven Anderson puts on his Flickr page ? (Thanks, Kevin)

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