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Tony Stark has his own perfume

Diesel’s fragrance Only The Brave was released recently as a limited Iron Man edition.  Nuff said, really. (via Brainstorm #9)

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Activist word balloons

Street artist Contra put up a life-size cutout of British Prime minister Gordon Brown on the street and waited to see what happened.  The result was surprisingly a-political. This is the third in Contra’s series of  street art projects called … Continue reading

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Luke Pearson for Solipsistic Pop

Solipsistic Pop #2 is coming, and in addition to a truckload of great comics, it sports a beautiful cover by Luke Pearson, who manages to channel the creative spirits of Kevin Huizenga, Ron Regé and John Porcellino and mash them … Continue reading

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The Robot From Chocolate Space

French illustrator Walter Minus created the art for this way cool chocolate catalogue for Paris foodie heaven La Grande Epicerie.  Imagine that, an upmarket grocery store doing their marketing in comic format ! (via Deadlicious, whose chocolate is quite prominently … Continue reading

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Saul Bass rules

Spanish animator Hexagonall created new title sequences for fan favorites Lost and Tron as they might have been if titles master Saul Bass had been involved. (via Super Punch)

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To the bat – er… small French car ?

That quite sensible, cheap and economical car from 1976 may be “for lovely people”, I don’t see Batman rushing after the Joker in it. (via Viñetas)

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Goldberg never ages

The video to OK Go’s new single, This Too Shall Pass, is one of the best Rube Goldberg machines I’ve ever seen.  check out YouTube for a hi-res version. For more Goldberg machines in and around the house, click here, … Continue reading

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Do keep on

Get it ?  It says “keep on truckin’”, and it’s on a truck ? (via mental_floss)

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Balloons are bad

Two campaigns were featured on Ads of the World recently that used word balloons as a physical representation of the less advantageous aspects of speech : bad breath, and the fact that it’s never the same as the real thing. … Continue reading

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Comics on the iPad

Foxtrot‘s Bill Amend offers his take on the current brouhaha about comics on the iPad. Not really original (that nail’s been hit quite extensively by now), but funny nevertheless. Click the image above for the full strip (don’t click if … Continue reading

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