A True Comic Opera

On his blog, Canadian illustrator and cartoonist Michael Cho has published a few of the illustrations he made for the opera Les Aventures de Mme Merveille.  This opera, written by Cecil Castellucci and currently getting geared up for production by the Ensemble Contemporain de Montréal (premiere on May 6), represents quite a unique event, as it combines operatic music with comic book imagery :

Singing, illustrations, video projections and staging come together to recount four highly imaginative stories: The fight of a super heroine against the evil Mr. Dégoût, a fifties love story, the detective enquiry of François and his dog Pax and an interstellar combat.

Other cartoonists working on this production are fellow Canadians Pascal Girard, Scott Hepburn (who’s also published some previews from it on his blog) and Cameron Stewart.

I do hope the result will be broadcast in some way…

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